Hard Drive Destruction

Your solution to securly erased hard drives.

Hard Drive Shredding Services near Knoxville, Tennessee

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Like DBAN, but with two technicians and a mobile shred truck.

Paper Bee Gone offers comprehensive hard drive destruction services in the Knoxville Area. During our on-site hard drive destruction process, we shred your hard drives and SSD's before we leave your home or office. The chain of custody ends outside your door, and the information on the drives will no longer be readable. We're committed to leaving your home or business knowing that we've provided secure services and peace of mind, every time you work with Paper Bee Gone.

Our all-star technicians will take care of everything, from retrieving the hard drives, ensuring that they make it to the mobile shred vehicle safely, and of course destroying them completely. Paper Bee Gone provides a minimum of 2 technicians for each pickup. Between our 2 shred technicians, your sensitive documents are never unsupervised. We never leave our truck when the shredder is in operation!

Are you looking for highly secure hard drive destruction servies near Knoxville, Tennessee? Contact us today to learn more!